When I began reading the article “What Does It Mean To Curate”, I, similarly to thew author turned to museums. Museums are the most obvious form of curating, but as I looked deeper into the article,   Began to talk about Pinterest. I do not use Pinterest, but some of my friends do. I could see what Kelly meant when she talked about different form of curating. As I was reading I began to think of forms of curating I experience. I made a direct connection between curating and composition, but distinguished them by defining composition as a more purposeful form of curating. To me curating is collecting and organizing objects or ideas in order to show and audience a personal intention or meaning. I think the best example of curating i have experienced is  the curating of car parts and knowledge. Curating of car parts is a more similar to curating art for a museum or curating pictures as Jay-Z does. Jay-Z and museums collect art or objects of importance to portray a collaborative meaning. For Jay-Z each grouping of pictures, or collage, represents a different meaning. For museums meanings are organized by exhibits. For me each car is like and exhibit or a collage. I look at the parts that come from wrecked cars in a junk yard and use them to fix a car. I also mentioned the curating of Ideas or knowledge. Collecting knowledge is a form of curating that everyone uses, but few are aware of. In my Unit 3 blog, I talked about the way I was able to compose , or curate, knowledge I had previously learned in order to work on vehicles I was not familiar with. I do not think collecting knowledge is always considered curating because in order to curate the curator must want to be curating. I learn and read about cars because I enjoy it, not because its forced, but when I go to school and I learn about subjects I do not enjoy, it is no longer curating, but instead it is simply considered teaching and learning. For my final portfolio, I will probably choose my first or my last project as those were the ones I felt most natural writing. When I went to write those blogs I looked at what the assignment was and then asked myself “how can I personalize this?”. In  both texts I was able to connect the topic to cars as I love talking an writing about cars. When I do my final project I plan to use curating skills I have learned both through this class and prior to this class to help me collect knowledge and more advanced forms of writing in order to curate the best possible portfolio I can make.



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